A Toyota Rarity: The 2000GT

Are you looking to own a vintage car, but would prefer if said vintage car was rare and foreign?  Would a car that was featured in a James Bond film make it just that much cooler?  Are you willing to sell your home to buy your beloved vintage car?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the car for you certainly has to be a Toyota 2000GT.

Built as a collaboration between Toyota and Yamaha, there were only ever 337 2000GT’s produced between 1967 and 1970.  Its 2.0L inline 6 produced 150 horsepower, and fitted with the appropriate 4.375 ratio axle, the car could reach a top speed of 135 mph.  Although neither the fastest nor most powerful car of the time, the exclusiveness of ownership and very attractive exterior and interior styling pulled in a small niche of wealthy buyers to its $6,800 price tag.

If you want to find a 2000GT in North America now, well, you’re probably SOL.  Since only 62 were imported during the 3-year production run, you’re unlikely to find one sitting around your local used car dealer lot, and even less likely to be able to afford it.  In 2011, a 1967 2000GT was listed on ebay by an American owner for $650,000, and other examples have sold at auction for $375,000.

As far as owning a Bond car goes, a 2000GT that you might manage to get your hands on doesn’t exactly fit the bill.  Although it was featured in 1967’s You Only Live Twice, it was a roofless (not convertible, roofless) version, of which only 2 were produced, and the car was mainly driven by Bond’s girlfriend, not the legendary spy himself.

However, although it may not be a genuine Bond car, commands an eye-bulging buying price, and is almost impossible to find, the 2000GT is the first true Japanese sports car, setting the mark for other legends like the Nissan GT-R, Honda/Acura NSX, and Lexus LF-A.  Toyota’s vision for this car was instrumental in pushing themselves and other Japanese automakers to creating exciting, beautiful vehicles to be enjoyed by motoring enthusiasts worldwide.

As an icon, then, the 2000GT secures its spot as a great vintage car for the garage of a pure lover of motorsport.