Bill Trant’s 1910 Buick Rear End Rebuild.

Some of you may remember that during the Vancouver Chapter’s Babe Run in July, 2011 my vehicle suffered a major engine failure when the centre main bearing broke out of the crankcase. Having repaired the engine it was behaving flawlessly and everything was “happy” with my car.

While backing the car into a parking space at the Thompson Creek Farm in Maple Ridge during the Vancouver Chapter’s 2013 June Tour the car suffered another failure. A loud ‘clunk’ was heard coming from the rear end of my car with the subsequent jolting stop of the vehicle. I quickly determined the car wasn’t going any further and, with the help of the Dunns’, Michael Leedham and Derek Long, onto the trouble trailer it went.

Once again I called upon the assistance of my brother Peter and friend Paul Carter (and his shop) to help me with the repair.

To continue reading, click here to download the PDF document that walks you through the Buick Rear End Rebuild.