Festival Automobile De Mulhouse.

During my travels, I happened to be passing through Mulhouse, France on Canada Day.  Unbeknownst to me, it was the third day of a local city-wide car festival, where streets were cordoned off for the sole purpose of parading beautiful classic cars, and multiple exhibitions were being held – the biggest of which was outside the Schlumpf Collection at Cité de l’Automobile.  The Schlumpf Collection itself consists of over 520 vehicles, and has the largest collection of Bugattis in the world.

Bugatti Type 35B


Starting Grid display for historic racecars

Umbrellas were critical

Even though it rained the whole day, there were plenty of gorgeous classics on display, and a steady stream of European masterpieces circling the Autodrome (an oval outside the Cité de l’Automobile.  It was fantastic to see the international passion for cars on such clear display, with tons of spectators standing out in the sub-par weather to watch, listen, and occasionally get a whiff of the cars rolling around the track.

The Schlumpf Collection is well worth a visit for the car enthusiast travelling Europe, and if the timing (and weather) is right, the festival is spectacular as well.

For practical information about the event pay a visit to their interactive website: http://festivalauto.mulhouse.fr/


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  1. Fascinating video. It’s wonderful that cars of both modern and historic interest are being preserved. It would seem that it’s true when it is said that we are only “caretakers” of these cars who are looking after them for future generations.