Judging and Awards


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The Vintage Car Club of Canada uses Judging Criteria based on the Judging Guidelines issued by the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada.

Each year at the annual National Event – the May Tour – vehicles are judged on their own merits.  According to the guidelines “It should make absolutely no difference, when, how, or who restored, or constructed the vehicle.  The vehicle must stand entirely alone, separate from its owner or restorer.  The vehicle must be viewed as an object aside from personalities, cash outlay, or professional vs amateur restoration.”


These are the recipients of the awards presented at the May Tour “Rally in the Valley”

hosted by the Central Fraser Valley Chapter, May, 2015.


Meteor - Best of Class

NAACC HIGH POINT VEHICLE OF THE SHOW  – 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Retractable                            Owner:  Doug Taylor



First place is awarded to all vehicles that score 900 – 1000 points
Second place is awarded to all vehicles that score 825 – 899 points
Third place is awarded to all vehicles that score 750 – 824 points
Best of Class award is given to the vehicle that receives the highest number of points between 900 – 1000 within the class providing it has scored 940 or above.