May Tour Kamloops Recap.

It was Kamloops, and its beautifully located Thompson Rivers University, that was host to the 2013 May Tour. Those of you that were there will agree that the combination of great friends, incredibly sunny weather, and around 150 of beautifully preserved vintage cars managed to make the Kamloops May Tour simply unforgettable!


On Friday the TRU parking lot already featured about 50 vintage cars!

Things kicked off on Saturday morning as we set down for a quick breakfast before heading over to the judging area. The cars, which ranged from muscle cars to British roadsters, were absolutely astonishing.

The judging area full of award winning automobiles.

Some highlights from the judging circle were a better than new 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air owned by Bob & Josephine Cunningham (pictured 2nd from bottom right), Max & Carol Shields’ 1935 Packard 1205 (bottom right) and the two identical Yellow and Blue Pontiac LeMans (pictured bottom left).

The Pontiac Parisienne leading the pack to Tranquille Farm.

After the judging competition it was time to hit the road. Our destination was Tranquille Farm, a 147 year old farm located just outside Kamloops. The rumours of fresh pulled pork sandwiches had all 150 cars making a dash for the farm!

A true Kodak moment.

As we completed the scenic drive and arrived at the farm, we were instructed to park our cars in a grassy field surrounded by decommissioned buildings once part of the Tranquille Mental Institution. Post lunch, we were invited to tour the grounds and listen to guides at various checkpoints educate us about the colourful history of the institution.

Four different generations of vintage cars arriving at Tranquille.

Once everyone returned from the tour we took a final walk around the cars, and decided it was time to return to TRU, relax, and get ready for supper.

A pre-war automobile leaving the abandoned institution.

At night we gathered in the ball room of TRU where we partook in a silent auction, enjoyed a delicious supper and listened to the legendary Louisiana Hayride band play us off in to the night. Day one of the Kamloops May Tour had been a tremendous success.

Part 2 will follow next week.