1971 V4 SAAB 96

$ 6,000.00

This project car runs with a rebuilt transmission and engine. It's a great candidate for autocross or rally.

The engine has been upgraded with a ported heads, bigger valves, slightly overbored cylinders, Mahle pistons, raised compression, a street cam, enlarged exhaust. The heads, cam, carb and transmission were built by noted vintage SAAB tuner Jack Lawrence of MSS in New York.

Induction is through a Weber DCNF 42 downdraft carburetor on a ported manifold.

It's a project car: the compression is lower than it should be and I suspect bad rings. I don't suggest driving it until that's addressed.

The body is in very good condition. Originally a California car. It was repainted midnight blue perhaps 20 years ago (original colour was white)

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